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What's New You May Have Missed NVIDIA Pays Fines to Settle Cryptocurrency-Related Misrepresentation Charges On May 6, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a notice announcing a settlement with NVIDIA: in the case of the company's failure to adequately disclose that cryptocurrency mining boosted its gaming business, NVID ...

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Google's smart assistant officially launches automatic password updates, Xinhuasan launches 10GbE router Magic NX15000 and more

Stripe: Why A Few Lines Of Code Are Worth A Hundred Billion Dollars

A super unicorn that has yet to go public, Stripe rarely makes its financials public.In March 2021, Stripe successfully raised $600 million in its latest round, valuing it at $95 billion post-investment, a 2.5x increase in valuation from a year ago.Stripe has attracted hundreds of millions of business users with its integrated, easy API payments platform. Transaction data is deposited on the platform, which helps Stripe to better detect fraud and money laundering in businesses, ensuring the security of transactions while providing businesses with compliance requirements for their transaction behavior.