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Growing up, if it was time that pruned our curiosity, should we blame time?

Two days ago was the reading day, many publishers, knowledge service providers and knowledge bloggers are promoting all kinds of books, we may not worry about whether the money spent on buying the books is worth it or not, but worry about whether we have time to read them after buying them. After saying goodbye to our student days and entering the workplace to work, we have less and less time to read. Leisure ...

Pixar Films Have Accompanied My Childhood And Healed My Heart When I Grew Up

I Remember When Grandpa Was Still Alive, He Turned On The TV All Day Except For Taking A Nap. It Was A Great Pleasure For Me When I Was A Child. Except For Doing My Homework And Walking Downstairs, I Basically Stay In Front Of The TV, Unless There Are Really No Programs To Watch At That Time. When I Was A Child, I Loved Watching Movies, So "six Princesses" Became