With A Tablet, Unlock Creativity Outside The Office

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Ahead, the imagination outside the office.

There is a group of people who rely on wifi and mobile devices, cafes, libraries, co-working spaces, they can work from almost any location. They, are called 'digital nomads'.

▲ I'm young and I want to go

Perhaps, you envy their working status and dream that you can live a 'travel and work at the same time' life one day. In fact, it's not difficult to become a well-traveled digital nomad, and you may only be one tablet away from your dream.

A flatbed, a car, a musician's "home"

Today Huawei released a video that tells us a story about freedom of creation.

There's no spacious desk, no powerful computer, no strong coffee. What there is, is an RV, a few Huawei MatePad Pro's, and a heart that wants to set out in search of inspiration.

So, what does it take to blend music, RVs and bands into one? Instead of thinking about it, why not just do it. Lights, instruments, microphones, and mixers ...... RVs are gradually taking on a musical dimension.

The transformation is complete, click on the tablet and light up the caravan: this is a caravan and Huawei MatePad Pro, a "home" for musicians.

The band also recorded moments of inspiration while the caravan was on the road, listening to melodies and recording notes, all on a tablet.

Ready to finish. Go, go create!

Outside the caravan, the river is flat and the sky is long; inside the caravan, the guitarist is trying out the melody and the drummer is finding the rhythm.

The scenery outside the window, the friends in the car, the notes on the tablet, the music on the stereo. In the constant collision of minds, a new song was born.

If freedom is the soul of this character, then the Huawei MatePad Pro is the attitude of the song: Inspiration, no limits.

There is a group of people who travel around the world while working in an office.

The musician who travels the world has done a song with a tablet.

In the quiet meadow, the band, finished with their work, sang new songs they had just written, while the musicians' 'home', would continue to move forward.

As the sun sets, a flatbed and a car on a journey of music-making are about to head off to another faraway land.

The boundaries of creativity, broken by the MatePad Pro

Without inspiration, we set out to find it.

As a creator, this video really excited me. Every second I pondered if a scene like this would ever come to my work - there is no creator that doesn't yearn for the freedom to create.

So, what does freedom of creation look like? This video gives the answer, unrestricted by time and space, create anywhere, anytime with MatePad Pro.

In the video, we get to see many products from Huawei, but the key to this musical journey, from transforming the RV's renderings, to recording notes to complete musical arrangements and compositions, to touching the Sound Joy and filling the entire RV with music, is undoubtedly the MatePad Pro.

For Huawei MatePad Pro, the freedom to create is divided into two main parts, flexible and portable and innovative linkage.

The first is flexible and portable.

With an 11-inch screen, the Huawei MatePad Pro is as light as 449g and as thin as 5.9mm, so you won't be too tired to carry it around. With the HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd generation) Snow White, every inspiration can be recorded quickly.

Note-taking is just a regular part of the tablet's operation, and the increasingly rich tablet ecosystem now allows many professional tasks to be performed on the tablet as well.

No need to travel to the studio, the tablet is your percussion pad and you can edit music while in the RV.

Don't have an electric piano on the go? That's okay, the tablet is your keyboard, feel free to edit the audition and turn ideas into practice.

If the perfection of the tablet ecosystem is attributed to the continuous progress of the industry over the years, HarmonyOS can be considered a standout when it comes to innovative multi-device connectivity. Now, Huawei has a new upgrade.

No network on your tablet? Open your phone's HyperTerminal to share the network to your tablet. Unlike traditional mobile hotspots, the network shared by multi-device communication consumes less power and the connection is more stable.

In addition to tablet software, the native experience of desktop-grade apps is also available on tablets with Huawei's upcoming public beta PC app engine.

▲ The band creates lyrics on a tablet with WPS

Huawei MatePad Pro also supports remote PC function, so you can control your studio's high-performance computer on the go. Create with the computing power of your studio computer.

Huawei MatePad Pro pushes the boundaries of a tablet, leveraging the strengths of the phone, fusing the computer, and taking full advantage of all three to truly reinvent the tablet experience.

▲ Arranging music in an RV with a flatbed

Of course, Smart Multi-Window and Parallel View, the traditional HarmonyOS arts, are not left behind. Everything is connected, making the Huawei MatePad Pro not only a platform for creativity, but also a hub for team collaboration.

Is this a creation with the Huawei MatePad Pro? Yes and no.

Although all the operations are done in one tablet, the experience of interconnecting various devices with various 'black technologies' allows Huawei MatePad Pro to do much more than a traditional tablet.

From today onwards, create freely

This past weekend I was typesetting posts on the Huawei MatePad Pro, responding to reader comments, and incidentally revising the outline of the post I'll be writing this week. The people who can work with tablets, and not just musicians, but every creator.

If you are a photographer, the tablet can be used for retouching and monitoring.

If you're a self-publisher, a tablet is more than enough for everything from pre-selection planning to post-publishing interaction.

If you are a painter, you can control your PC remotely and create paintings on your tablet.

If you're an editor, you can always tweak creative solutions, even when you're on the road.

If you are ...... you don't really need to add a persona for the tablet office.

Remote operation of the PC, PC app engine, and connectivity make it impossible to define the possibilities of the Huawei MatePad Pro by the same standards we use to measure tablet productivity.

Huawei MatePad Pro pushes the boundaries of the tablet experience, allowing creators to be more free to choose when and where they work without being tied to their desks - without having to worry about software ecology afterwards, portability and flexibility would not only be a reason to choose a tablet for work, but also an advantage that no other desktop device can match.

The first time I felt the appeal of Huawei's tablet was the Parallel View feature. At that time, the tablet ecosystem was all about third-party adaptations, and Huawei was the first tech manufacturer to step up and improve the user experience from the system level, arguably bringing a revolutionary breakthrough.

The one-and-only flat panel market is now also blossoming.

A few years went by and I started using a tablet for work, and the idea that 'tablet productivity is no match for PC' gradually became 'tablet can replace PC in some scenarios'.

Huawei, which had pioneered the parallel vision, is once again driving the entire ecological progress: connecting phones and computers with tablets to take productivity one step further.

It seems like all of a sudden, we can do a lot of very professional things on our tablets. But the truth is that the Huawei MatePad series has evolved day by day over the years to be the quietly transformative shock that it is today.

This can be a truly mind-blowing time.


If you can't move the office, take it with you

I'm sure that the quote at the end of the video will be a decision for many creators in the future.

According to analysis by market research firm MBO, there will be 600 million remote workers worldwide by 2024.

Digital nomads are no longer the preserve of freelancers; painters, teachers, designers, musicians, self-publishers ...... every creator can be a part of it.

When software ecology is no longer a threshold for creation, when a tablet can break the boundaries of the experience. Creating anytime, anywhere, on the fly, working more freely and imaginatively, is not far away.

I don't know where the destination is that you aspire to be a digital nomad, but with the Huawei MatePad Pro, it can be your starting point for creative freedom.

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